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Creating The Best Solution for Secure Data storage

Hayes ProtectCloud a Flexible & Secure Strategic Approach to Data Protection - Tallahassee & Tampa Florida Data Centers.

Local Vault Cloud by Hayes




The Hayes ProtectCloud Local Vault (LV) Delivers Secure, Cost Effective Best of Breed Technology, While Delivering a Private Appliance at the Client's Local Data Center.

ProtectCloud LV Utilizes Cloudian S3 Class Object Storage Custom Configured to Each Client's Unique Requirements.

The ProtectCloud LV offers:

  • Private, Dedicated, Local Client-Side on Premise S3 Object Storage Appliance
  • Soft & Hard Quotas & Alerting
  • 24x7x365 Tallahassee-Based Hayes Support Desk
  • Capacity on Demand
  • Limitless Local Scalability
  • Per GB, Per Month of LV Consumed
  • Only Pay for What is Consumed
  • No Product Refresh Projects, Maintenance Renewals or Software Licenses