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Managed Network Services

Run Your Business Not Your Network

As a Trusted Partner We Can Manage Your Network Assets, You Can Control CAPEX and Staff Levels, Leaving You Free to Focus on Key Business Goals.

Managed Network Services – An Efficient Business Model

Run your Business, Not your Network
Time, resources, and capital funding are growing increasingly scarce. Succeeding in business requires flexibility, agility, and focus. You can't afford to get sidetracked by issues like training staff on new technologies; keeping track of myriad devices; and monitoring corporate networks.
By allowing a trusted partner to manage your network assets, you can control CAPEX and staff levels, leaving you free to focus on key business goals.

Trust your Network to the Experts
Managing networks is our business. We have more than 20 years of experience delivering managed network services. We can help you understand the core elements driving your global communication networks and implement a strategy to improve reach, performance, capacity, and reliability.

Simplified Business is Good Business
Our people, expertise, and tools can help you efficiently evaluate and incorporate emerging technologies. We can also accommodate your most demanding business requirements – including managing third-party networks. The scope of support, from simple monitoring to complex outsourcing, is up to you.

Our WAN, LAN, and Internet Management Solutions, supported by industry-leading service level agreements, can help you improve application performance and availability, protect your business processes and assets, and keep your network – and your business – moving.

Managed LAN

Outsourcing LAN Management Can Help Improve Service and Network Performance
When you extend our Managed Network Solutions to your LAN, you gain a seamless view into your WAN and LAN environments that can help reduce total cost of ownership. Coordinated WAN/LAN Management can also reduce the risk of deploying converged networks and emerging technologies.

Managed WAN

Managing Can Get a Little Tricky, Especially When it Comes to Your Network
Hardware, software, the latest applications, and the resources to pull it all together are what it takes to properly manage your WAN. Not to mention plenty of operating capital. If you'd rather focus on moving your business forward without worrying about the day-to-day network operations and all that entails, you should consider our Managed WAN solutions. Supported by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), we can provide a range of services from simple monitoring and reporting to complete outsourcing of your corporate network and data center.

Internet Dedicated – Managed

Simplifying Dedicated Internet Access Management
If you'd rather focus on moving your business forward, consider our Internet Dedicated - Managed solution. Supported by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), we can provide a comprehensive and pro-active management service of your Internet-facing routers.

Managed WAN Optimization

Improving Application Performance to Meet Business Objectives
More and more often, enterprises rely on business-critical applications to conduct business operations, and it's critical that those applications perform as efficiently as possible. In today's complex and distributed networking environments, however, the sheer number of applications, protocols, and business and regulatory requirements drive further complexity and may impede performance.

Managed WAN Optimization Services, which feature a suite of managed application acceleration solutions, can help an organization improve application performance between sites, without adding bandwidth. Using world-class technologies, our solution helps organizations improve their overall efficiency across their network.

Managed Wireless LAN

Managed Wireless LAN—a Secure Turnkey Solution
Your people need mobility ASAP—and you can deliver. Our managed solution can help meet their demands and yours: security, high-level network performance, and end-to-end reliability. Now you can get it all in a single, scalable, turnkey solution—without tedious learning curves, burned-out staffers, technology risks, and management migraines.

Application Aware Networking

Get More Value Out of Your Network
Your end users depend on the applications running over your network. But do they consume too much bandwidth? Are those business-critical applications consistently available and performing as intended? When your network and applications perform well your business is more efficient and your users more agile. When they don't, your business suffers.

Imagine if you could adapt your network and application infrastructure to accommodate usage needs. You can. You can also analyze network usage trends, identify application performance problems, and isolate issues between the network, applications and servers.

Get the Big Picture
Whether you manage your network or you hand it over to us, we offer a comprehensive set of network monitoring and reporting tools to help you gain visibility and insight, and improve application performance. This can help reduce your time to respond and fine-tune your network to help improve performance and control costs.